artwork Knochenporzellan by Einsiedel+Jung

Artwork: Knochenporzellan by Einsiedel+Jung

Mixed-Media, 29*42 cm konzeptionell

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About the Artwork

Installtion photography: Hahnemühle-paper, Edtion. Fine Bone China (German: Feines Knochenporzellan) is a soft porcelain and the further development of bone china. Fine Bone China has been considered the pinnacle of the Chinese art of porcelain making for centuries. It is characterized by a firm, bright white, seemingly transparent body, which is of brilliant luster. At the end of the 18\. At the end of the 18th century, the Englishman Josiah Spode succeeded in reformulating the secret recipes and finally producing European bone china. In addition to the previously known basic materials of kaolin, bildsamer clay, quartz and pegmatite, he used bone ash. Spode's invention allowed the industrial production of fine bone china from 1817 onwards, removing China's previous monopoly on these products and replacing them with equivalent European ones. Some bones collected from the Thames were processed into bone porcelain clay. This clay was the basis for molding and firing three objects of today's disposable society. These objects, normally made of plastic, are juxtaposed with the bones disposed of in the Thames. In today's time nothing remains with the processing of the slaughter by-products (bones) and the animal is used to 100%. In addition, there are also human bones that are mixed with the animal ones.

About the Artist

Since 2010 we, Felix Jung ( *1985, D ) and Marc Einsiedel ( *1983,D), work together as an artist duo in Hamburg. With our working method we try to dive into the public space, to experience it, and then to elaborate with the process of adding, misappropriating and recycling. We manifest forgotten grievances, issues, disturbances, absurdities and contrasts. Our works are shown as interventions in public space, both in galleries, art houses and museums. Since 2011 we realized self-funded works in international cities such as Cape Town, St. Petersburg, Buenos Aires, London Nairobi, Jaipur and Mumbai. The development of site-specific projects as well as the performative work in public space are in the foreground for us in these artistic works.


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