artwork Hekate by Elisa Klinkenberg

Artwork: Hekate by Elisa Klinkenberg

Malerei, 40*50 cm abstrakt

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About the Artwork

Acrylic, acrylic marker and spray on canvas, framed, 2021. What impact does global warming have on the world's climate? Man-made climate change is omnipresent. Artistically, I also see myself in the responsibility and would like with this series – which was shown in September as part of my "Time Window" exhibition in Berlin, to initiate a discourse. Colors and dynamics play a central role in my works. A deliberate alienation of the actual to allow reflection. Inspired by Brecht's drama theory of epic theater. Because according to Brecht "...the conscious use of contradiction" serves to enable a critical thinking of the viewer.

About the Artist

I am Elisa, an independent artist from Berlin. I grew up in the forests of the outskirts of Berlin as the daughter of a forester family, and I still live and work there. In 2016, I created my first watercolor works, which moved strongly in landscape painting. If you grow up in a family of foresters, the connection and love of nature is laid in the cradle. I devoted myself exclusively to watercolor painting for two years and experimented with natural painting tools from nature. In 2019, I was increasingly concerned with mixed media studies and deepened my work in acrylic, ink, and oil pastels. Thematically, socio-critical and partly political themes moved into the focus of my work.  Currently, I deal with climate change and deal critically with the tipping cascades of glaciers. In May 2021, I moved into my new studio at the Müggelsee in Berlin.


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