artwork folding #18 by Daniel Engelberg

Artwork: folding #18by Daniel Engelberg

Mixed-Media, 37*155 *15 cm minimalistisch

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About the Artwork

2022 Acrylics on wood

About the Artist

In the Beschleuniger test hall, Daniel Engelberg has installed a shimmering group of multi-layered pictorial objects made of MDF boards, lacquer, and epoxy resin that oscillate between transparency and seclusion. Processed by means of milling and special casting techniques and placed on silvery corrugated sheet metal found in the room, the artist's semi-sculptural works unfold a spacey-futuristic aesthetic that combines graphic austerity and structures that break out of order. The dramaturgy of the modular pictorial elements on the wall coalesces into a dynamic interplay of luminous colors and geometric shapes that evoke associations with dark matter and scientific research practiced on a daily basis at the site of the artist's image presentation. Vector and network structures, accumulations of particles, and gentle tonal gradations evoke technical procedural patterns and energy processes and focus in nuce the immeasurable expanse of the great cosmic image. – Belinda Grace Gardner Daniel Engelberg (*1979, Munich) lives and works in Munich.


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