artwork E A T A B L E "Tawaret" by Babette Brühl

Artwork: E A T A B L E "Tawaret"by Babette Brühl

Print, 75*105 cm figurativ

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About the Artwork

Pigment print on Hahnemühle 'Torchon' handmade paper 300g. Edition of 24 (+1). The artist about the work: "Over 4 billion people now live in the growing cities of millions. One buys meat of animals pressed in plastic and on pure-white Styrofoam bowls germ-free arranged in the supermarket. Only the name on the label makes it possible to identify the animal from which it comes. With the project ́E A T A B L E S - creatures in feathers and fur ́ I would like to lift the animal out of objectification. In large drawings in ink on paper, I studied the animals we call "farm animals" in great detail and became fascinated by their peculiar beauty. Line by line I came to understand their architecture and with it the wonder of a creation that has invented a new form or material for each function. This diversity is overwhelming. E A T A B L E S make the individuality of each animal visible. Through their gaze we can get in contact with them. In facing them, the viewer is confronted with the question to what extent we should acknowledge their essential nature in order to treat them with dignity."

About the Artist

In my art I deal with the face of nature in human, animal and plant form. I am looking for the great common and the individual. I am fascinated by the fact that everything relates to each other and yet can be so incredibly different. With the project E A T A B L E S I want to create awareness for animal dignity, so that one meets the so-called livestock at eye level.


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