artwork Balkenstudie 15 by Patrick Hartl

Artwork: Balkenstudie 15by Patrick Hartl

Malerei, 23*23 cm abstrakt

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About the Artwork

Ink, acrylic & spray paint on canvas, framed (shadow gap). In contrast to earlier works that were usually very complex and chaotic Patrick Hartl in his current creative phase reduces the design of his works very much to the essential and works with strict basic shapes and a lot of white space. In this series of works, the colors are also mostly reduced to black and the gray tones that result from mixing. This work is one of the few exceptions with a little color. Perhaps these works are a search for the origin of Hartl's calligraphic works - a zoom in on the stroke, the bar itself. Sweep and gesture are replaced by structures and a clear directionality. However, Hartl leaves a final definition open to the viewer.

About the Artist

Patrick Hartl (*1976 in Munich) is a German contemporary artist with a passion for handwriting and lettering. He started painting graffiti at the age of 15 and learned his artistic skills over the years among the growing art milieus of urban youth cultures. While studying graphic design, he eventually discovered a love for calligraphy and stylized fonts deeply rooted in Gothic script in Old German. Through calligraphy, Patrick Hartl combines an ancient craft with the new style of graffiti from the street. By merging tradition and modernity as well as text and image, he develops his own distinctive style. In Hartl's artworks, traces of abstract art and influences from Jackson Pollock's Drip Painting can therefore be found alongside graffiti and calligraphy. His works often have a complex structure in which texts and letters overlap several times. Only upon closer inspection does it become apparent that Hartl's work, which appears monochromatic, is the result of multiple layers of paint and a variety of colors. For over two decades, Patrick Hartl has been reinventing his style with perfection time and again. He is thus one of the most influential writing artists and a member of the prestigious artist circle of "CALLIGRAFFITI ARTISTS". Text: Ánh Nguyen (Art Historian)


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