Portraitfoto Steve Braun, Mann im Unterhemd vor grauen Fließen mit Locken, einem roten Bart und einer Schwein-Gesichtsmaske

MeetSteve Braun

In his photographic and installation works, Steve Braun uses a pictorial symbolic language borrowed from ethnographic, ideological, or religious contexts. Historically charged set pieces of cultural history become props for his dramatically staged still lifes. Detached from their usual sphere of action, the entanglement of meaning and form manifested in the symbol shifts, creating a new attribution in the recurring pictorial element. Steve Braun composes pictorial legends that point beyond the two-dimensional depiction to the object-like nature of his motifs. He drapes, arranges, constructs, and processes the objects, emphasizes their materiality, and shows them as expansive installations - blurring the distinction between sculptural exploration and photographic strategy. Steve Braun also operates across borders in his ongoing series "V-Mann." He embraces the aesthetics of punk culture by capturing scenes from his immediate environment in photographs, videos, installations, and magazines. This is less a documentation than a testimony to the times. Steve Braun does not remain in the background as an observing outsider, but appears as a genuine part of the group. The resulting works are undisguised and direct. Text: Carina Essl


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