MeetSimone Karl

Simone Karl's collages are centrally concerned with themes of feminist and queer corporeality. Although the human form is always present as a key organic figure, the boundaries of the corporeal are fluid. Not only do skin, hair, fabrics, crystalline forms, and the environment merge into one another - the binary gender characteristics also become ambiguous, contradicting a constant request by the viewer for binary classification. A hybrid of bodily characteristics emerges, which is neither woman nor man, but above all an organism. The purely external becomes less relevant and the innermost literally turns inside out, regardless of gender. The collage itself becomes an organic object. With layered holes into the interior, topographical surfaces, and a physical growth into the exterior, the works, which are primarily created from queer magazines, reflect the diversity of physical and gender possibilities. Simone Karl works as a visual artist in Hamburg. Her focus is on working with collages and installations. Her works have been shown in Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Belgium and the United States. She was awarded, among others, the Collage Prize of the Willi Münzenberg Forum and was a scholarship holder of the Claussen-Simon Foundation and the Hamburg Authority for Culture and Media. Simone Karl is currently part of the Kunstimpulse exhibition on Mönckebergstraße.


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