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Characterised by their opaque, evocative colours and sweeping floral forms, Philippa Brück's current work embodies a new view on physicality and the close connection between life and decay. Her usually large-scale oil paintings seem to move on the threshold to traditional still-life painting, although they include figurative subjects and embrace a contemporary interest in the work of collage. They are connecting fragments of flowers, plants, landscapes, insects ore human limbs to create new bodies, new figures. "My main interest is in the way our bodies are transformed by environmental changes. I believe we live in a body-dystopian time, realizing we don't necessarily need to be physically present to pursue our everyday life. In my paintings I focus on the ambivalent relationship between the body and our modern time, specifically on the matters of transience and fragility in contrast to an environment oriented towards continuous resistance. I work with set pieces of nature- and human depictions, trying to find an overarching connection between those elements to form complex and multiple interpretable figures and sceneries which contain processes such as life and decay and the contradictory harmony of beauty and dismay" Philippa Brück was born in Germany in1993. She studied Scenic Painting at the University of Fine Arts Dresden and Illustration at the University of Applied Science Hamburg. She currently lives and works as an artist and illustrator in Hamburg and Leipzig.


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