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MeetMatthias Edlinger

Matthias Edlinger is an artist who moves between different media: collage, video, drawing, painting, spatial installations. In addition, he works as a director, especially for music videos. He often takes unusual paths of communication: Factor X is what Edlinger calls the moment inherent in his works. His works almost always live from a moment of unpredictability - be it through interaction, through the type of collaboration or through the material itself. Edlinger understands co-actors as cooperators, be they co-authors, crew members on a film set, or exhibition visitors. Edlinger's favorite material is cardboard: the artist pays maximum attention to this packaging material, which is given little attention in everyday life. Edlinger integrates cardboard with traces of use into collages, but also builds entire rooms out of the material. Perfectionism does not characterize Edlinger's working method; instead, he uses the error-friendly and unmediated approach of street art. He varies within his themes, makes forays and reversals within his own work, works in series, and thereby condenses his oeuvre. Edlinger's works are a fast wild ride through pop culture. In terms of content, he is oriented toward the present. Translated with (free version)



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