Laetitia Heisler

MeetLaetitia Heisler

I am a self-taught French-German visual artist based in northern Germany, with roots in the south of France. My journey into analog experimental photography began after transformative experiences in India and during therapy, shaping my artistic path. Previously, I studied ballet and toured with my rock band before immersing myself in photography. Focused on double exposures and self-portraits from the start, I swiftly acquired darkroom skills to control the entire creative process, from concept to materialization. My work carries a psychedelic quality, achieved through unconventional films and experimental techniques like adding unique liquids during development. This approach aims to evoke a surreal atmosphere, inviting viewers to engage their subconscious minds more readily. I believe in harnessing art to stimulate our imagination in waking life, urging us to dream more while awake. Through my photography, I strive to keep our imaginative faculties vibrant and accessible. The combination of portraits with elements of nature aims to evoke archaic thoughts that have been lost in modern times.


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