Kaja el Attar

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"El Attar's pictures seem simple, they don't need any commentary. And they radiate harmony. But this harmony is not static, it floats in an interstice of opposites, not to be fixed and not to be held, only intuitively graspable." Manuel Ströhlin Kaja el Attar's art is a modern plea for freedom and imagination - and thus a rebellion against the critical mind. She designs inner worlds that are removed from reality, so that we learn that the perception of the world is a fantasy that coincides with reality - and not the other way around. Drawings are made with 0.1 mm ink fineliner from Asia on handmade paper and Hahnemühle paper. In her works on paper she deals with social and family constellations. She symbolizes the following questions in extremely delicate, abstract forms: What form am I as and in the paper? Which entwinements and connections do I feel? Which social and paper constructs are the ones that are lived out for me?


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