Portraitfoto von Johanna von Oldershausen in schwarz-weiß

MeetJ. von Oldershausen

Johanna's professional experience in theater and the associated work on stage and in costume design shape both her artistic practice and the content of her works. Time jumps and layers, changes of place and perspective, costumes and masquerade are essential elements of her art. Johanna is concerned with who we are as people and how we can represent the complexity of our identities in all their fragmentation and contradiction, especially in the current digital age where the smartphone, as a symbol of our time, is slick and straightforward. But our identities, seen as a multi-layered costume are anything but smooth and wrinkle-free. Our experiences and memories lie like a membrane on our skin and we see the world through the "glasses" of the many layers of our lives, the experiences, wrinkles and memories that make us human. Johanna uses collage as her artistic method. Her process includes analog and digital collage steps, painting, mixed media, photography and paper sculptures. She seeks to challenge traditional collage techniques and find new ways to work with the play of light and shadow, depth and space, insight and perspective.


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