Jan Christian Altmann – Artist of Future

MeetJan C. Altmann

Jan Christian Altmann – Artist of Future Everything begins with the stroke. Naive and as free as possible from thought, he must directly capture what he sees in its authenticity and the situation. The feeling of the situation must be captured and preserved. He sees people standing on the precipice, gathers them into himself and at the right moment gives them a new life, a chance to be seen in another world. The stroke is the beginning from which everything arises. From there he carries his thoughts onto paper and beyond into music. They should be integrated into people's lives and be consumable with ease. Everyone should be able to surround himself with it. Vita 1991* - Born to be an artist 2010 - 2015 Real Estate Manager 2015 - 2019 Communication Design 2019 - Art Director Jan C. Altmann is the current artist in residence at the MeetFrida studio.


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