Portraitfoto von Geeske Janßen

MeetGeeske Janßen

An interest in the normal, the everyday and the inaccessible - Geeske Janßen shows what her gaze falls on. She works with photography, video and interviews. These support the documentary view, which shows through its details and strong cutouts, the reality in an unusual way. A view that looks at things in their normality. Moments, places and situations that are actually too small and supposedly too unimportant to be perceived and recorded. The normal is observed and broken down into its individual parts. These components become abstract surfaces and figures, light and shadow, materiality and the disappearance of just that. The artistic work of Geeske Janßen enables unusual perspectives into personal and foreign life worlds and normalities. She is part of the MeetFrida Exhibition current/s at the Streetside Gallery in Hamburg.


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