MeetEmma Rytoft

I am a Swedish artist; living and working in Berlin since 2012. With a focus on large-scale murals in public and private spaces and works on paper and canvas, I create magical scenes that invite the viewer to reflect on our place, as humans, in the universe. Painting details from my daily life and including apparently unrelated objects, plants, and animals in these scenes, I address the concept that everything in the universe is one. Using bold black outlines and bright colors, I combine elements from surrealism with pop art sentiments such as irony and repetition to create my own language. In breaking the rules of perspective, I aim to challenge the role of rational intelligence as superior and remind us of the limitless imagination we possess as children. I have completed more than 20 murals in places such as Berlin, Malmö, Zürich, and Dubai. My most recent projects include a 350 m2 mural covering the ground floor of an apartment building in Berlin and a mural for the street art gallery A-fence at Alexanderplatz. I have exhibited at galleries in London, New York, Shanghai, and Berlin and my works are held in private collections around the world.


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