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MeetDeniz Hasenöhrl

For many years now, the artist Deniz Hasenöhrl has been dealing with the different perceptions of people's sense of identity. She tries to identify patterns and behaviors that lead to exclusion, isolation and separation on a psychological, interpersonal as well as social level. To what extent and in what ways is an individual shaped and molded by social and cultural norms? What role does our perception of space and time play in being able to experience and develop authentically within these norms? With her abstract paintings, Deniz Hasenöhrl visualizes inner worlds that exist in each of us, but cannot be comprehended or controlled with the mind. In her works, she creates spaces in which time is not understood as a line and identity can be experienced solely through the essence of being. In the sense of André Breton, who in his "Manifeste du surréalisme (1924)" called for an associative, uncontrolled art, independent of rational structuring processes, Deniz Hasenöhrl's paintings grow spontaneously and associatively into moving and moving compositions. Her painting "Spaces II" won the Art Award of the MuniqueART Gallery in Munich. At the Artig Award at Galerie Kunstreich in Kempten, her work "Chimalis" won the audience award. Her works are represented in many private collections in Germany and abroad. Some of her etchings can be found in the collection of the museum "Convento de la Merced" in Ciudad Real in Spain. In 2018 Deniz Hasenöhrl was included in the "Lexicon of Fantastic Women" by Prof. Gerhard Habarta, founder of the PhantastenMuseum Vienna.


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