Künstlerportrait von Brigitte Pruchnow

MeetBrigitte Pruchnow

Brigitte Yoshiko Pruchnow is a German-Japanese artist who finds her models in modern Western realism and traditional Asian ink painting. The first photorealistic impression of light on different surfaces dissolves into purely painterly structures upon closer inspection. Shapes and colors appear partially alienated and sharpen the viewer's perception of light. Reflective surfaces, such as water, glass, and metal, are particularly suitable motifs for this. She also likes to work with raw linen, modeling clay as a painting ground, fabric applications, and embroidery to make different surface structures visually and haptically tangible. She is particularly interested in the Trompe D'Oeil phenomenon, which has existed as a tradition since the Baroque era. The background to this and the play with materiality are questions about how we perceive and constitute the world. Anything that invites the artist to take a second look can become a motif, and photographs of it serve her as a model for her works. The fact that the artist initially worked as a filmmaker is made clear in her perspectives. She often chooses cutaways or snapshots of moving motifs. She studied Japanese studies, philosophy, and art history in Munich and directed at the University of Television and Film. Her pictures have been exhibited in galleries and art fairs throughout Europe and in the USA and Japan.


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