The artist Brigette Hoffman stands in front of a white wall. She is wearing a white long sleeve shirt, light brown trousers and has her hair in a bun. The hair is held together by a yellow band.

MeetBrigette Hoffman

Brigette Hoffman (b. 1991, Miami, FL) is a German-Nicaraguan-American artist. She earned her BFA at The Academy of Fine Arts Hamburg, Germany (Hochschule Für Bildende Kunst, HFBK) in 2020. Hoffman's artistic practice spans painting, sculpture, installation, and physical animation. Her work draws from various inspirations, weaving together elements of her personal journey, emotions, and character portrayals. Believing strongly in art's ability to communicate independently, Hoffman's creations serve as silent storytellers, inviting viewers to engage with their narratives. Her art explores themes of childhood imagination, the artist's exploration, and spirituality. Using a diverse range of materials and techniques, her installations offer surreal representations filled with raw symbolism. In her creative process, Hoffman instinctively brings characters to life as sculptures or animated figures, each embodying a unique muse. This process feels akin to tapping into a divine source, as her sculptures inhabit worlds filled with vibrant colors and ethereal light, providing a break from the mundane aspects of everyday life. Through her paintings, Hoffman reveals the landscapes from which these sculptures emerge, capturing realms where colors dance freely and gravity seems to have less weight.


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