Portraitfoto der Künstlerin Anna Huxel

MeetAnna Huxel

The artist about her work: "The language of painting takes place for me on several levels: In the beginning there is a thought, this I work into a picture composition and determine the color concept. On the canvas, a basic framework is thus created, which is necessary for the structure of the picture in a format of two by two meters. In this construct I work on the basis of different painting styles. To avoid an illustration of the idea, I work without a template and search for my own ciphers that move between the representational and abstract. From this, in turn, a new visual language begins to develop, which is increasingly detached from the initial idea. This continues in a new pictorial world (series). The painting carries the concept in itself, which is exposed through the aesthetic experience of painting. I deal consciously with these processes and analyze my paintings to this end. Due to the self-reflection it is no longer necessary to paint informally, unconscious parts can be consciously integrated into the picture. I place my picture contents in the biblical context. The question, "How does the word become flesh", from Joh.1, 14 accompanies me in the artistic work. The goal is to transform the psychological level in connection with the spiritual level into an organic transformation. These two aspects, which are condensed in painting, through the conscious and unconscious level, allow the spiritual and thus a transformation occurs."



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