Aliya Abs

MeetAliya Abs

My name is Aliya Abs, since 2010 I live and work as an artist in Munich, Germany, but born in Kharkiw, Ukraine. Even as a child I was creative. My interest was primarily aroused by artists and musicians in the family. Childish curiosity turned into a serious passion. As a teenager, I devoured art history books. A love of art developed that at times was stronger than any other form. I could paint undisturbed every day. At that time, I decided to do whatever it took to get into the national art academy. Nothing was worse than not being able to paint. I completed both my bachelor's degrees and my master's degrees at the National Academy of Arts in Lviv in Ukraine, with distinction. In her current work, whether on paper or canvas, she expresses herself and her feelings through an unmistakable merging between love and melancholy. Often in the form of portraits, figures and lines. Her subjects are often depicted in vintage or historical settings, and the absence of facial features allows viewers to project their own emotions and interpretations onto the figures


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